Friday, July 29, 2011

It's time

Tomorrow's Leo New Moon marks a new beginning in several ways. Yes, of course it is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, always an important time to start anew. But it is also our first New Moon since May that is not weighted with the extra impact of a Solar Eclipse, which leaves us a bit more wiggle room in choosing how we want to use the energies. And, it occurs the day before Day Five of the Mayan Calendar begins, an 18-day period called a "budding phase," when our new creations are more likely to become visible.

The two weeks between the New Moon and the Full Moon (on August 13) will also see the star Sirius emerge from the shadow of the Sun, to become our morning star. Sirius is known as "our spiritual Sun" (read more about the esoteric meanings of Sirius on the Souled Out website).

Channeler Sarah Biermann writes that: "In the Milky Way Galaxy Sirius is 'upstream' of our Solar System. So energy and information from the Galactic Center comes to us via Sirius. Sirius is also a portal from other star systems."

And Gillian MacBeth-Louthan writes about "Sirius rising" in issue #66 of her Quantum Awakening newsletter:

“The star Sirius rising is associated with new thought, new light, and new beginnings. It rises before the sun purposefully after being in stellar hiding for about 70 days. Sirius houses the Great White Brotherhood, the Lemurian Elders, as well as the Christ Consciousness and a bevy of highly evolved beings. The announcement of her arrival comes as a key to unlock a very old door that is newly painted and positioned. This door enters into a room that humanity as a whole has never been comfortable experiencing. It is now time to come from a point of high solar vibrations and allow this new light to shine on places within the psyche and history of earth that needs cleansed.”

The exact day that Sirius emerges from behind the Sun varies, depending on where we live by latitude and longitude upon the earth. "In 2011 in the Pacific Time Zone, Sirius rises before the Sun on the last day of July, but remains hidden in its glare. When Sirius rises above the eastern horizon at an altitude of 7 degrees it can be seen. This heliacal rising of Sirius occurs August 7, 2011 in San Francisco."

It's time now, as we make these energetic shifts, to fully release the fears that have been brought to the surface in the past several weeks. It's time now to open to the broadcast of divine light information and love energy that is available to us, to fill those spaces created by the release of fear. It's time now to become "en-love-ened" as well as en-light-ened."

Blessings to all on this important New Moon tomorrow!


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