Friday, July 15, 2011

Zzzzzzzzzzzz ...

Maybe it's been the Full Moon this week, bringing to fullness the energy of the Solar Eclipse on July 1 -- but my oh my, has this been a SLEEPY week.

Sleep is a good thing, both for rejuvenating the immune system and for doing that "other" type of work that happens on spiritual and emotional levels when we're in deep zzzzzzzzzzzz. I am presuming that our bodies and minds are aware of our great need for all this type of work and assistance now, and are encouraging us to go to bed early.

I also read a few weeks ago in someone's channeling that July would be a month when we would need to sleep a lot. Seems to be coming very true!


  1. July is definitely a month made for more sleeping. My first week at work (new job) and so far I have managed to stay awake through the workday. TGIF!

    Can't wait to hit the bed this weekend :)


  2. I ditto this awareness! I usually wake up around 6:30 on my own...7 is late. This week, I have been in bed, on the days that allowed, till 8:30 and that is with making myself get up. zzzzz is right and it feels oh, so delicious!

    Sweet Dreams! = )