Thursday, December 10, 2009

The spiral light over Norway

Perhaps most of you by now have seen photos of the spiral light formation that appeared over Norway this week. And perhaps you also know that at this point, authorities are claiming that it was the result of an "out of control Russian rocket."

When I first saw the photo of the spiral, I was stunned. It is so perfectly formed, it seems hard to believe it was the result of an out-of-control anything.

I did call a friend who is "in the know" about many things other-worldly, and in her opinion, it was a portal that became visible.

My thinking is that even if there is a "logical" explanation at this point, the symbolism stands. In the same way that manmade inventions like over-the-ear bluetooths indicate our readiness to communicate telepathically, the appearance of this symbol in the sky indicates our readiness to receive, transmit and travel across dimensions.

As above, so below -- as within, so without.

If you haven't yet seen the photos, here's a link to an online news story that has some of the best ones:

Spiral Light Story

A wild card month, indeed.


It's now Friday morning, after writing this post Thursday night -- and I find my perspective has shifted a bit overnight.

Yesterday I was more in the zone of the symbolism of this event, but leaning a bit toward it being of human/physical cause. Suddenly this morning I find myself believing in a combination of explanations. Now I'm thinking that the blue streak was probably the Russian rocket gone awry, but that the spiral itself truly was a portal become visible.

After all, the veil is supposed to be thinning, right? And I still can't see how it would be physically possible for an exploding rocket to form that spiral.

Comments, anyone?


  1. I don't know what to think either... and that is okay. I'll take the approach of... anything is possible. Thank you Pam, for keeping us more enlightened and open to our expanding and ever magnificent Universe.

  2. Hi Pam,

    I've got mixed feelings as well. If you look at the videos, it does look like a portal. And the timing and location - right before Obama's Nobel speech. Hm-m-m.

  3. I agree that it's hard to imagine that spiral was made by something out of control. Maybe the exploding rocket made the portal visable... At any rate, it is very interesting! Spirals have fascinated me as long as I can remember.

  4. I work with spirals internally as a practice...very old considering the spiraling yogic chakras, Egyptian alchemical spinning pyramids, copulating spheres of the taoists. All of them were once secret ways of opening up portals for the initiated.

    I put a vote on collaboration. There are enough of us in the 'mainstream' on earth grasping hold of the polarities-male/female,past/present/,victim/abuser- polarities a spiral moves into space and time.
    We then co-create such manifestations in the heavens along with the forces we are meeting along the waves involving all of us- not just we on earth either- in deeper relationships with ourselves and the cosmos.

  5. I was immediately attracted to the news on the spiral in Norway. I wondered about the potential of a portal or technology in action perhaps that has not been shared with the general public. Very intriguing to ponder, especially the impact it has had on the image being shared across the internet (it's the #1 emailed image as of yesterday). From a bigger perspective it definitely has impact on the mass consciousness on pondering "What is it?" and by simply asking the question the answer will come.

  6. I sent a friend an email of event – He commented it looked like rocket discharge he’d seen when doing small rockets and left it at that. Days later BBC reported the Light was a Russian missile –it had been launched secretly against established agreements – and had broken up suddenly – Lights supposedly caused by 3rd piece of rocket and a collision with the Aurora Borealis and with a disclaimer, they aren’t really sure of the cause. It felt so much more significant to me and years previous and again recently, Gydes spoke of signs in the Sky and that they would be “Out of the Blue” and Herald the New Age. Viewers of the Norway Spiral Light spoke of feeling awash in Pure Love.
    I do channeling and turned to that for an answer.
    My Guides write:
    Sign in the Sky?!?
    A mere rocket some say. We beg to differ – the so called ‘rocket’ was our stylus – our vehicle to create Wonder and Wonderment in the sky. Do you scoff at a masterful painting- commenting it is merely dabs of pigment and paint? No, you stand in awe of the masterful application of said paint and become immersed in the feelings created by the master artist. So, doubt not our hand in this phenomenon of Dec. 9 2009. Out of the Blue shall Herald The Beginning of the New Dawn of Man on Earth. As the talk of escalating war is presented as the final solution for mankind’s woes and the only path to peace; We impulse the Hearts of Men to change their focus from the Controllers (Illuninati,Elite, Bankers) and their program of endless war. Has centuries of war ever created a lasting peace on the Planet? The Hearts of Men now burn bright, as bright as the Light sent in the Dark just prior to the Dawn. Oh, Dear Ones, even a message in the Timing - do you see?

  7. Have you checked out the Large Hadron Collider? maybe that might give a was turned back on around this time..