Saturday, December 26, 2009

Plutonian depths

In spite of the celebrations usually associated with the holidays, the influence of Pluto weighs fairly heavily now. These are the energies of soul-searching and truth-seeking, and -- with Pluto positioned in Capricorn -- the dismantling of structures that can no longer support us.

The structures may be physical, but at their core, they are also emotional, psychological, mental or spiritual. The external forms, after all, are held in place by internal belief systems and thought patterns.

With Mercury and Mars now retrograde, and this strong Pluto influence in effect, this is a good time for releasing the structures on all levels that have held us back. This is especially true as we work with the Lunar Eclipse next week (December 31). The Sun and Venus are both conjunct (aligned with) Pluto at the time of the eclipse, making this a powerful time to purge our energy fields of the blocks and patterns that no longer serve.

With Pluto exactly conjunct the Sun on December 24 and then exactly conjunct Venus on the 27th, we are already working directly with some of the energy of the upcoming eclipse. What are you ready to release, in anticipation of a brand New Year?


  1. While my Christmas was spent quietly, I was feeling every millimeter of those Plutonian depths. The Scorpio/Virgo in me had me poking at everything with a stick - it was not a comfortable day in general. I'm looking forward to more of the same (!) in the coming week, and purging some of this stuff for good!

  2. After spending two years 'soul searching and truth seeking' as Pluto transited my Sun and Venus ( I prefer these epithets to the ones spit from the corner of my mouth) with Pluto conjoining Venus and the eclipse of the moon I watch myself reframing 'relationship' as alignment to myselves mirrored from a deeper sun... and be wary of the bitter fiery tongue that can lash out and in.

  3. Mars is retrograde in my sign... I don't know if it's that or Pluto, but I have had little patience for untruths that have been showing up. It seems anything I've not wanted to see or address in any relationship, has me naming it and saying, "no!" when others are trying to either placate or take the easy way out... Not addressing the issue, but doing the minimal to get by (hiding the real issue and not dealing with the hurt/fear that their behavior is trying to mask). I also Am feeling a bit angry about this approach to life they're taking, as if I'm saying, "I won't play this game anymore." It seems as if this change in feeling (I'd been feeling immense love) happened with the flick of a switch last Sunday, 12/20/09.

  4. Christmas Eve did not come this year for those who live in my area. It was 5:15pm and all was well, when suddenly we lost all power. The entire city and all the surrounding area's, went dark. It wasn't until minutes before 10 pm that the power was restored and we were blessed by light. Over 8,100 homes spent Christmas Eve without the colorful lights nor the ability to cook the Christmas Eve dinner most celebrate. For me, it was just one more year of releasing what Christmas, "use to be," and forming a new pattern of what Christmas, "will become."

  5. happy holidays dear pam. i love the way you put into words how i am feeling within the effects of the astrological context. you rock. may 2010 be full of breakthroughs with a compassionate gentle shift for all of us. may greed go by way of love and human kindess towards our beautiful planet and all that IS. xoxoxoxo