Thursday, December 3, 2009

The wild card

December seems to be a bit of a wild card energetically. Perhaps it's Uranus' influence, now that the planet is moving forward again, creating sudden and perhaps unexpected life changes. And maybe it's also having all the planets in direct motion, all eager to get their work with us accomplished. And it's also true that we're nearing another pair of eclipses, a season when there are often major shifts.

And, as well, we are continuing to work with the energy of the Pluto-Saturn square, which is testing the structures of our lives and dismantling whatever does not stand up to the challenge.

On top of that, the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter triple conjunction is strong again, with Jupiter conjoining Chiron on December 7 and then aligned with Neptune on December 21, within a few hours of the Winter Solstice. This is very high-vibrational energy, bringing forward wounds that remain to be healed, and offering the spiritual perspective that sees the meaning and purpose of all that we experience. With this threesome in Aquarius, the primary healing is of the wound of separation -- the belief that we can be separated by time or space from those we love. This healing involves a complete shift in our perspective, from human to spiritual, from individual to cosmic.

Because of Neptune's involvement, we are also called to dissolve attachments now -- not only to specific outcomes, but also to beliefs, ideas, attitudes and opinions. This is, after all, the last month of the year, corresponding in some ways with the energies of the 12th house of an astrological chart, where we are asked to put down the burdens we've been carrying, and to trust the process of completion, knowing that it always precedes a new beginning.


  1. pam, i enjoy your perspectives and they have a lot of clarity like the crystals in the cold winter's air as we draw close to solstice. did you see the dec. 9th morning sky display in norway????? i would love to see your take on that amazing display of the spiral of all that is!

    be well Pam and happy holy days of all kinds as we celebrate this weekend, Chanukah,the festival of light, the Virgin of Guadalupe feast and honor Lama Tsongkhapa the founder of the yellow hats of Tibetan Buddhist, Gelug tradition...i am sure there are others i am not mentioning for this auspicious weekend.

  2. Hi Cathy -- Thank you for your post! And for your lovely words of blessing...

    I will add a separate post about the light display over Norway. Thanks for asking! And stay tuned.