Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy week!

Maybe we can point to the Jupiter-Mercury-Venus link-up as the energy behind the rapid pace of life this past week. Even Mars entering Taurus last Wednesday hasn't seemed to slow things down. But, today both Mercury and Venus enter Taurus, too, so I'm anticipating a somewhat reduced-pace week ahead.

Still, with the Triple Eclipses just around the corner, changes and movement are to be expected. I guess my Taurus brain will have to get used to it!


  1. Just had to say Pam, that I love the new photograph that you've posted of yourself...your grey/silver hair is so stunning!

  2. Thanks, Kate! There are times I like the grey/silver, other times not, so I appreciate your support of my choice to let my hair do whatever it's going to do, color-wise.

    Some background on the new pics on this blog and in my Journal -- They were taken in Napa, California, where I spent a long weekend with my two sisters at the beginning of this month. We grew up in the Bay Area, and when our dear parents both passed in 2007-08, we made the pact that we would get together at least once a year to reconnect, since we live in three very distant places in the country.

    The great thing is, we've been finding ways to get together twice a year instead of only once! And one sister is great at makeup, the other is great at photography, so we also did a photo shoot so I could post some current pics. Hooray for sisters!

  3. Sure love this post! Wonderful and happy, happy, joy, joy!