Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coronal hole and solar winds

As happens from time to time, a large coronal hole has recently appeared on the Sun. The solar winds from that opening in the Sun's magnetic field will be reaching Earth in the next few days -- on January 16 or 17, by scientists' estimate. Here's a UV image of that coronal hole (shown as dark blue) from the website for January 14:

And, by synchronicity, this wonderful explanation of the metaphysical effects of solar cycles, solar flares and solar winds appeared on another website. I thank Gillian MacBeth-Louthan for receiving and sharing this information:

Solar cycles always play an important part in the upgrading of human consciousness. Solar activity is a catalyst for our evolutionary process. Solar light stimulates change in matter, energy, and consciousness. It pushes us into a higher position of knowing and the ability to integrate and use that knowledge for the betterment of all Universes. Evolutionary change is Sun driven. New energy is coming from deep space via this Solar portal.

Our Sun as the pulsing heart of this solar system, sends a twelve-faceted geometric light into every atom of its solar universe. The Sun is a portal which streams information in the form of light from other light/solar systems and worlds beyond ours. It is a storehouse of vital energies and is considered to be the Great Heart. Stars like our sun are the visible raiment of celestial beings. Their inner aspects are invisible, just like ours. The sun is simply the heart and brain of our little Universe. The mighty heart of the solar system beats to a different drum, disrupting and erupting time at any given moment. With each beat, the sun expels its accumulated light and energy through sunspots projecting to the remotest corners of the solar systems. The sun feeds its family, just as the heart feeds the body.

Earth and all her inhabitants are living receivers and transmitters. Solar flares affect the Central Nervous System, all brain activity (including equilibrium) and all human and animal behavior. Solar flares can cause us to be nervous, anxious, worrisome, jittery, irritable and lethargic, have short-term memory loss, lose time, feel nausea, headaches, trouble with all forms of communication--both human and technological. Solar activity illuminates consciousness, causing old patterns to be consumed in Light, just like a phoenix making way for the new prototype.
This is an excerpt from longer article entitled "2012 Time Fields" in Gillian's January 2012 newsletter. The newsletter also contains a lovely description of the Year of the Water Dragon, and other gems. Recommended!


  1. Thank you for posting this - much needed and very timely :)

    This year is so different from all the others before it. You know I just got done with the first wave of ascension and I know that within a week's time I am about to embark on the second wave. Despite all the inner work I did during the first wave, the coming of the second one still makes me feel like I have so much to learn and see.

    The years to come will take us through such great leaps of consciousness that when we look back the past will feel unreal. Its already starting to feel that way. I feel the last 30 years of my life slipping out of fingers. I can't relate to it.

    Thank you !


  2. Pam,

    Looks like there was another CME that was sent our way by the sun on Jan 23rd.


    ~TB :)

    1. Re: Neptune in Pisces transit

      Both my South Node and Moon are in Pisces and my natal Neptune is conjunct 4 degrees my natal Mercury in Sagittarius. Would this mean heightened sensitivity and and a preference for introversion? I think I have the fogginess in check :)

      Wondering :)

  3. Hi TB -- Yes, I think you can contribute sensitivity and preference for solitude to Neptune aspects in our natal chart! Sometimes that can also manifest as fogginess, but that effect is more likely part of a Neptune transit. The natal influence tends to be more idealistic in nature -- although that can also be true of transits... Thanks for asking! PY