Saturday, May 19, 2012

Remembering to breathe ... DEEPLY

With the Gemini Solar Eclipse occurring tomorrow, we're already working with its energies pretty intensely. Throughout this past week, I've talked with clients who were experiencing the impact of this eclipse in their charts, as it initiated necessary change so that they could move forward in their lives.

Gemini rules the thinking process and our nervous systems, so it's not surprising to find that our minds are a bit harder to calm right now. If you find yourself feeling anxious over these next few days, remember to BREATHE consciously and deeply. It's amazing what profound effect that simple process can have. And, of course, if you have a meditation process you like to use, be sure to rely on that right now, too...

Other suggestions include listening to calming music, sitting outside in the garden in the sunshine -- whatever tools you have that help you relax your mind, breathe calmly, and create inner silence. Besides calming the nervous system, in that silence, we are more likely to receive the new levels of information that are available to us through this eclipse energy.



  1. As an amateur astronomer and a member of our local astronomy club, the RASC Victoria Centre I was actively watching this eclipse. We had a contingent of fellow members of the club with solar telescopes and about 50 members of the public in attendance. I was showing and explaining how and why a solar eclipse occurs but unfortunately the weather was raining for a most of the eclipse so the few people it was somewhat subdued. There were times when the clouds thinned and it was possible to see the eclipsed sun show through thin clouds which was quite remarkable as normally a properly fitted telescope is required. We were all located atop a local popular 200 foot hill which has a nice 360 degrees view of our city which many tourists come up to during the summer. It was a surreal experience to see it without the need of filtered instruments and many simply looked up and watched. Being a Gemini and somewhat of a technical person I was divided as too whether I should explain the technical side of the experience or the spiritual aspects of the Sun and Moon in Gemini. I have for sometime been having difficulty with coming to grips with a recent loss of a few loved ones. I think this event simply created more mixture to the emotional pot.

  2. Hi Malcolm -- Thank you for sharing your experience with the eclipse. I am sorry to hear about your recent losses, and can affirm that eclipses seem to emphasize the emotional content of our lives. It no doubt has special effect in your life since you are a Gemini yourself. Blessings to you. -- Pam