Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sun activity

The Sun has gotten more active again in the past couple of days -- a very high-level M-class solar flare yesterday (rated M-9), and more being forecast. A new, very active sunspot has just rotated around to the Earth-side of the Sun, so any flares that are released by that spot will be coming our way.

Solar flares have effects on Earth's atmosphere, and on our own individual electromagnetics as well. We can see the results of the Sun-Earth interaction through the glorious auroras that shimmer and fill the skies in the higher latitudes. On a more personal level, we may be able to sense the increased activity in our personal energy fields, and also notice a new movement in life events.

If you'd like to monitor solar flares, and the current speed and density of solar winds, they're posted and updated many times throughout the day on the website. It's an interesting exercise to see if we can finetune our extra-sensory abilities to pick up energetically what is being monitored scientifically.

Sunspots on the Sun, October 21, 2012:

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  1. Pam,
    I started feeling the solar flare effects this year when after being in a calm, content mood my body suddenly went hay wire with headaches, out of body feelings, and general ill feeling in my body ... and then I came across solar flare alerts online in yours and some other websites and corolated the two. This has happened with every major CME this year. I also have an 8th house Moon in Pisces and 10(!) aspects to Neptune in my chart (including the angular points) so I am pretty sensitive to start with.