Saturday, December 15, 2012

The "Aethos" meditation

For a few weeks now, I've been listening to the "Aethos" recording, a channeled sound healing by Tom Kenyon, both for background during meditation and as an accompaniment when falling asleep. I have found it both uplifting and expansive, so wanted to share with you.

The Aethos Meditation is a free "Sound Treasures" on Mr. Kenyon's website, at While this is a free download, you will need to accept his "terms and conditions" before being able to access the file. That "Listening" page is at

If you want to use the Aethos recording, I highly recommend reading two of his instructional channelings as well:

The Aethos and Non-Dual States of Consciousness (dated Sep 20, 2012) - This has instructions about using the meditation, and a few cautions about the high-vibrational energies it contains.

The Cosmic Window (dated Dec 4, 2012) - This second tranmission, just posted, explains about using the Aethos recording during the upcoming three-day "cosmic window," Dec 21-23, 2012.

I hope you receive as much benefit from this information and the recording as I have!

Blessings, Pam

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