Sunday, February 17, 2013


I received this question from one of my clients "down under" this morning:

"I am wondering, as I am sure many of us are: What effect does a meteor have on us metaphysically or astrologically?"

Meteors pose a special challenge for astrologers, in that we cannot use the usual scientific techniques to study them. Some may find it interesting (or laughable!) to quantify astrology as a "science," but it is based on studying the same kind of empirical evidence that scientific research regularly uses.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines empirical evidence as "a source of knowledge acquired by means of observation or experimentation." When a new celestial body is discovered, as Chiron was in 1977, astrologers immediately add it to charts and start watching how it plays out in people's lives. There are immediate ways to start interpreting the meaning and effect of a new "planet," based on the symbology of the name, for instance -- but much of our knowing of its impact is gathered by watching its effects over time.

When it comes to meteors that fall to earth, they are extremely short-lived events, and so we cannot study them in the same way we can other celestial influences that have cycles we can observe. Even many comets, which are fairly fleeting in their direct interaction with our planet, have orbits and cycles we can use to help us understand their purposes.

In many ways, we can interpret the general impact of a meteor strike to be similar to an earthquake, which causes large or small disturbances in the energy field of the planet and her peoples. In that way, a meteor is not so much a harbinger of change as the instrument through which energy fields are changed to allow shifts to occur.

If you've ever been in an accident that involved impact, or had an emotional shock, you know about the effects of these types of experiences -- almost as if your soul is jolted out of your body, and takes a while to re-integrate. I think we can look at the impact of the recent meteor that exploded over Russia in the same way.

Certainly, for those people directly impacted by the blast and the energy waves that were created, they are dealing with the same sort of effect as having been in a fall or other accident. Their energy fields have been changed, and as they re-integrate over time, they will find that they have changed -- some in small ways, some in larger.

For planet Earth, she is also absorbing the energy wave of the meteor, much the same as the humans, animals and plants in the immediate area must do. That means it really affects all of us who dwell on Earth, for what changes Gaia changes us.

So, we can watch in our own lives for those small (or large) ways that our own energy fields have shifted, and use that empirical evidence to demonstrate the effects of this particular meteor event.

Thanks for the question!

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  1. This is a most interesting comment.

    As a member if the human society and of our little blue planet from this corner of the Cosmos I am sure we can all agree that we all look out and view the expanse in awe and wonder each night.

    As an amateur scientist I know Humans are currently bound to our little blue planet in the amazing universe that we share together. Astronomers are always making strides in learning more and more about our universe in leaps and bounds with the changing of technology and ongoing achievements, whereas astrologers (I think) study the psychological human cycles and connections to historial stories based on astrological signs and cycles from our ancestors. All they have to go by is interpretive and observational cycles of the heavens to correlate and predict current and future emotional, spiritual, personal conditions I for one do believe that, that is also a science and that all they use is there intellect. The ultimate in biological technology.

    I know I'm not an Astrologer but I do believe there is a connection to astrology and the human condition and follow Pam's blog with much interest and appreciation.

    As for meteors I will always wish upon them as long as they don't hit me on the head nor the house I live. Cheers all.