Sunday, July 28, 2013

Your comments?

In this week's NorthPoint Journal, I invited you to share your experience of Monday's grand sextile/Star of David/diamond tetrahedron. If you're in the mood to share, please click on the word "comments" in purple at the end of this post, and write away!


  1. Although not occurring precisely on Monday's grand sextile, I have in the past week acknowledged that I have a wheat allergy, that I have ignored for years. After a week gluten-free, I have gone for several days without heartburn (for the first time in years). So, I cross the bridge of the grand sextile looking from my life with wheat allergy symptoms to my new life feeling better without gluten.

  2. 6:55am: It was clear during meditation this morning that the energies are very high-vibration right now, and very strong as well. We'll see where the rest of the day leads!

  3. The Earth Trine of the Grand Sextile affects sensitive points in my birthchart, e.g. the Moon is crossing my Taurus MC while Venus is conjunct my Pluto/NN in Virgo in the first house.

    And so, this morning (CEST), I found myself to be very emotional, releasing old grief from the past and 'immersing' myself into the garden this afternoon, rearranging some quartzite stones and cutting lavender. This made me feel a lot better and I finished just in time before a thunderstorm arrived (after many days of summer heat).

  4. Monday was a great day for embracing change, going with the flow, and enjoying the unexpected.
    There was a miscommunication regarding a scheduled skylight repair. The roofer forgot to tell me he had to reschedule. He had decided to order a complementary upgrade and was waiting for it to be delivered.
    Changes in a social event scheduled for next week made it easy for me to accept a surprise invitation to a pool party.
    The siding repair guy came by to say he could start Wednesday - sooner than I had anticipated. I canceled an activity to accommodate this and then a few hours later received an invitation for a similar activity this coming Sunday.
    Monday was a day requiring flexibility. Calendar posting needed to be in pencil, not ink. Each change brought a pleasant surprise.

  5. You know... this whole year has already been entirely humbling, relaxed and easier in my experience; even as the aspects that occur get more dramatic and exciting in their descriptions.
    For me, again... quite humanistically dramatic; I fell in love with a man I briefly met 7 years ago. We live far from one another and have made 3 or 4 trips to see one another, and just parted ways again yesterday, Monday 7/29.
    While it's been a whirlwind of adventure and risk taking, it's made me feel very grounded and creatively productive. I'd started a creative project which was the impetus for gentleman and I even talking- then, his artistic nature is so very joinable and if not just infectious that we're both creating for one another and on our own. at the same time, emotionally, we are supporting this mutual fondness that is very positive and healing to a loners soul. (i'd just this year became fully ok with the idea that i might be alone, romantically speaking, a while)
    So while parting ways on Monday, i felt this incredible easy balance of love, security, and expression. I wasn't even depressed when i'd dropped him off at the airport, and then i was to be off on a 7 hour lonesome ride home. The energy is just so very stable... and if anything is hard to believe for me, it's my cool calmness of this whole situation.
    i feel as the energies get more intense, it's a further reiteration from the universe to let go, and live very presently as much as humanly possible. when the downs occur the ups will even it out, we just have to trust it!

  6. This is the most recent one since the 8.12-18 journal so I'll share here. I'm a bit nervous to hear about the CME's. It makes me want to stay inside and rest just thinking about it all. Then again, with many recent deaths of notable figures, celebs, and civilians, many of which occurred at a low-vibration consciousness, I think we have been prepared for this shift.

    On Friday, I will likely stay inside as much as possible. I have to go out to the farmers market for a few hours to conduct the weekly arts and crafts workshop that I do. I anticipate having to face someone and put some things out on the table after a breakdown in communication between us. It could very well be that ego challenge you were talking about.

    I'm looking forward to the priming breakthrough moment of next Wednesday too!