Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A perspective on "the weirdness"

I received this email from a client/friend yesterday:
I was wondering if perhaps you could shed some light on a feeling shared by several people I know – including me. I have had a very difficult time DOING anything productive over the past couple of weeks. I have a houseful for Christmas, and our tree has been naked in its stand for two weeks. I have to push myself to get anything done, preferring the almost hypnotic cocoon of Spider Solitaire to just about any other activity. My daughter has mentioned how lazy she and her husband have been. My friend and her fiancĂ© have been procrastinating preparing their vows for their marriage ceremony on 12/31. It's just weird. I'm not depressed. I'm actually quite happy in spite of all the uncertainty around me. But, I'm just not wanting to do any of my long list of to-do's.
It's a little crazy-making. And it doesn't feel like me. I thought that perhaps you may have some astrological perspective on this weirdness. 
Here is how I responded, in two emails separated by a night's sleep and my morning meditation:

My First Email Response:

If it helps, I've been feeling exactly the same way! Even down to the Spider Solitaire cocoon...

I think it has something to do with being bored with the third dimension. Parts of us, still mostly outside of our conscious mind's ability to perceive, are playing with higher dimensional thought and experience. Our conscious mind is aware enough to know there's new and exciting stuff happening on higher levels of consciousness, but not yet aware enough to participate fully. So everything, even those things we would often enjoy on this earthly plane, can feel dry and uninviting -- something like knowing we can see colors the way bees do, but having to settle for the (still beautiful, but pale-in-comparison) colors that human eyes can see.

Astrologically, it corresponds with the Pluto-Uranus square, with Uranus in Aries representing a strong desire to awaken to higher consciousness, and Pluto in Capricorn representing the powerful attachment to reality that can block that higher awareness.

My Second Email Response:

Good morning! I got a bit more about this in meditation this morning -- not different information, just fleshed out a bit.

It also seems that we are simply tired of the old ways of handling reality. A part of us knows there are more expansive, higher-vibrational ways of utilizing this human existence, and we're just done with the old methods, even though we may not yet be consciously up to speed with the new. Many things that we've always enjoyed and appreciated feel like they're a part of the old, so we are restless and don't feel the same energy around them as we have in the past.

Again, we can see the Pluto-Uranus square at work. The conflict between the urgency to find and embrace the new (Uranus in Aries) vs. the reality that deep transformation takes time (Pluto in Capricorn). It's challenging to find inspiration in what seems like our old world, based on this.

I hope this is helpful!


  1. Pam ~ This is very interesting! I've actually been far *more* productive these past few weeks, busily putting into place new foundations and practical ways of doing things - in keeping with my new *clearer* vision of the world, no longer encumbered by my previous illusions.

    The final push I needed came in the form of the last New Moon, which was conjunct my IC and set off my chart's Mystic Rectangle. Based on your post, I'm thinking maybe my natal chart's trines and/or sextiles to transiting Uranus and Pluto have helped to give me a head-start whereas other folks are still processing . . . or holding on.

    I don't harbor any illusions that anything I'm doing will change the world to any great extent, though I'm hoping I no longer turn a blind-eye to its suffering by continuing to contribute in the same old ways to its corruption.

  2. Hi LB -- It certainly makes sense that not everyone is feeling the energies in the same way -- we are very much unique beings, something that is abundantly clear when we consider each of our natal astrology charts... I appreciate your writing in! PY

  3. Aloha Pam,
    I enjoyed Patricia Cota-Robles info on ISON:

  4. Aloha Anahata Love! I appreciate your sending this link, and I think others may be interested to read it, too. Although my vocabulary is a bit different than Patricia's, I feel resonance with many parts of what she shares about ISON. I especially like this quote: "Comets are actually forcefields of consolidated Light that pass through the atmosphere and break down the crystallized patterns and thoughtforms that no longer serve the highest good of the particular Solar System they enter." Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Winter Solstice Time in 'Delightful Solitude'...

    Although acquainted with the whole process of rising energies, I feel they are extremely high now, and I noticed that I had not felt the need to light up candles (why - if you see light exploding in your head ;) )