Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wishing you Peace

In this season of holiday, which takes so many of us on a rollercoaster of activities,

I wish you Peace.

In this time of change, where life feels inconstant and unpredictable, even if it appears the same outwardly,

I wish you Peace.

On this eve of a new age,

I wish you Peace.


I've been listening to a guided meditation called "Spirit of Peace" every morning for the past week or so, and am finding it a wonderful centering tool, and a valuable ally in these times of change. The meditation is a free download on the Orin&DaBen website -- here's the link, if you're interested:

Spirit of Peace Meditation

Blessings to all, and thank you for being a part of my life.



  1. Dear Pam;

    Thank you for being a reliable part of our lives.
    I can depend on your post being available and accurate each and every week with out fail. For several years, now, through your posts, I am better able to make sense of this Circus I live in. Knowing and understanding the planetary influences occurring each week, has helped me to navigate better, the changes in energy and it's effects on me. For this reason, you are import to many people out here.
    TY <3

    I also want to thank you for the gift of this Spirit of Peace Meditation. It's absolutely lovely.
    Let Peace reign!

    Warmly, Beth Ann

  2. Thank you for your lovely post, Beth Ann! May Peace guide your days going forward! -- Pam