Sunday, January 23, 2011

Checking in

Hi everyone!

Yes (as someone recently mentioned in another post), I've been quiet this week. But I'm still here! Just dealing with my own "stuff" at the moment -- and very busy with work and readings!

That Full Moon last week was conjunct my Midheaven and triggered a Grand Cross in my chart, so the busyness makes sense, in addition to the opportunity to deal with other issues that are core to my life.

How has this past week been for you?



  1. Hi Pam... Well, I think we have all been laying low... or else, as you said, just dealing with our own stuff. For me, I Am noticing the ways I "chatter" in my mind. Much of it, I notice, is the "not good enough" scenario... even little things such as, "I hate cleaning toilets and I really should be more diligent." Even though minor, it is that critical voice... I Am keying in on those "shoulds." Who says? I don't have to make a judgment about how I should be better at this. These typical thoughts creep into our psyche and lodge in our bodies (my belief). My new mantra is "Love is everywhere. I Am loveable and loving... no matter what!" Dirty toilets, muffin tops, mismatched clothes... and all. : )

    So... wishing you all... much love,

  2. HI Pam and Butterphly!

    I can relate! I've not been feeling like myself for the better part of a month now. Finally the energy began to shift last Thursday. The sunlight even looked different to me on that day. And Monday of this week was the first day in a better part of a month that I actually felt like leaving the house. I had health issues coupled with "issues." ;-)

    In addition, I recently began "A Course in Weight Loss" by Marianne Williamson. I'm doing it with a friend. We study one lesson each week and then get together and talk about it. Last Friday was our first meeting and we discussed the preface and our thoughts about the process. The first lesson this week is about tearing down a wall that we have built up around ourselves - a wall that keeps people away. Each brick has a word on it - words like anger, fear, shame, etc. I did the meditation from Williamson's CD and and with the aid of a Higher Power many of the bricks were disolved. At the end there were still some bricks left which told me that I have more bricks to name. Each time I find more words, more bricks disolve. There are only a very few left. It's interesting work.

    Butterphly I agree...our bodies do remember. And I know without knowing you that you are also beautiful beyond words! If we all only know how beautiful and magnificent we really are! Oh, what a world we would have!

    Thanks Pam!

  3. Namaste Lynn! (haha) : ) Envisioning and feeling good health, transparency, happy days and a beautiful and magnificent world... & beyond! A hop, skip and a jump, with love. :)