Saturday, January 29, 2011

The waves keep on rollin' in

It truly feels like there have been wave after wave of changes for months now... and every new wave takes off another layer that needs to be shed, getting us closer to the essence of who we really are.

Jupiter's recent entry in Aries certainly feels to have speeded up the process. And Uranus will follow in just a few weeks, on March 11.

Water wings, anyone?


  1. Hi Pam, I've been feeling like I am forced to look at my life now (I'm 46), like having to go through all my old photographs (the neighbours water pipe burst and the water went through the walls and created mould in the cupboard where I kept them) and also having unexpected meetings with people from the past. I'm guessing that this is because Saturn is transiting on top of my mercury and sun. On top of that, the last week I've been getting sudden and very strong crying fits (Uranus in 12th is squaring my moon in 8th now) so I'm a bit fearful of what Uranus entering Aries might do as at the present I feel that I'm connected to a high tension cable. What do you reckon?

  2. Thanks for your post, Sheila.

    It's true that Uranus transits, especially to our natal Moon, can have us feeling emotionally erratic. And the experiences you mention also could be part of that transit -- since the Moon, the 8th house, and Pisces (where Uranus currently is) all represent water themes. Also, the Moon represents the past, so you may want to observe how these unexpected (Uranus) meetings with people from your past (and having to go through old photographs) are meant to give you new perspectives and to liberate you from old emotional issues.

    Another way to look at the crying fits is that you are releasing unprocessed grief (which most of us have) from your emotional body. Uranus is raising your vibration, and helping you spin off residual emotional issues that you no longer need for your growth. Crying is one of our primary tools for doing that release work, since it engages our bodies, where much of the grief has been stored.

    And, it makes sense that revisiting relationships and situations in your past would bring up emotions to process. Try looking at this as a great opportunity to purge the emotions that have been holding you back.

    I hope that helps! Take good care.