Sunday, November 20, 2011

Insight from a reader

I just received this email from a reader regarding my "fork" vision about this week's Solar Eclipse -- and I love her insights! And she has generously agreed for me to post her words here, so I offer them to you:

I was reading about your vision over your right side a "Y" with a fork. When I read this, it occurred to me that it was a tuning fork. For whatever it is worth, my interpretation would be that this eclipse will be a "tuning in" on how we go forward in the world.

And Mars, of course, in Virgo has a lot of energy, but wants us to get all the details in line.

-- Sara

Thank you, Sara, for sharing -- I think your interpretation is lovely, and of great help.

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  1. Things are speeding up. The words "time warp" came to mind and I just yesterday I emailed a friend with those words and now Lena Stevens in her monthly forecast for December talks about an upcoming Time Warp.

    Things are moving so fast that I am being very careful about what I ask for.