Friday, November 18, 2011

Question about Saturn return

This question was sent in during our teleclass last night, but we didn't have time to answer it at the time -- so here's the question, and my answer:

I was born in July 1956. Will I have two 2nd Saturn returns because of Saturn retrograde?

In July 1956, Saturn was at 26 degrees Scorpio. Your second Saturn return is a couple years away -- but it looks like Saturn will just pass over your natal Saturn one time, in November 2014.

For those who have Saturn crossing over their natal Saturn three times (which is what happens when Saturn crosses over it while going forward, then crosses it while retrograde, then crosses over it a third time when direct again) -- it means that the experience of the Saturn return (or any transit that occurs multiple times) is spread out over a longer period of time, and may involve some more life-changing experiences, challenges, or opportunities.

I hope that answers your question -- and thanks for attending the teleclass!


  1. Hello Pam!
    I have to admit I feel a little confused about the Saturn returns. I was born in November of 1957 and my Saturn is in Sag in the 4th house. I was under the impression that our Saturn returns were when Saturn returned to your sun sign, which mine is Scorpio. According to this post, I got the impression that our Saturn return is when Saturn comes back into the sign our natal Saturn is in, which for me will be when Saturn returns to Sag. Is this correct or did I miss something? Thanks for your response!

  2. Thanks for asking! The word "return" is used to identify when a planet returns to where that same planet was when we were born.

    Our Saturn Return occurs when Saturn is at the exact degree and sign it was when we took our first breath. So, it is when Saturn returns to where it was when we were born, every 29-30 years or so.

    In comparison, our Solar Return occurs when the Sun returns to where it was when we were born -- usually our calendar birthday, but sometimes a day before or day after.

    We also have monthly Lunar Returns, yearly Venus and Mercury Returns, Jupiter Returns every 12 years, and, if we live to be 84, our Uranus Return. Each one of these occurs when the planet in question returns to the sign and degree it was in when we were born.

    I hope that clarifies the term!

  3. Thank You SO much Pam for your response. This makes a lot of sense too! I have always dreaded the Saturn return the most though it seems that all of these returns can be life changing! Now, it isn't so much the returns that are the challenge, each day seems to be a testing ground. The rewards are as great as the challenges though! Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question. I really appreciate it!