Saturday, December 10, 2011

Did you see it?

Well, that was pretty magical. I woke up just in time to be able to watch the total eclipse through the trees for about 10 minutes, then it slipped behind the fir branches and was gone...

Here's a photo I just grabbed from, that looks exactly how I saw it from my yard:

It felt very cleansing to me, and the air is lighter afterward.

How did it (and does it) feel to you?



  1. Hi Pam, for the last week I've been sleeping a lot more than usual except for today (the day after the eclipse). I also find it very difficult to concentrate on written work, but I force myself and I manage to progress (but very slowly). I'm also having communication troubles with family overseas. This eclipse fell on my 2nd house but my 3rd house is also Gemini, maybe there's an influence. What do you think? Thank you so much :)
    S. Christina

  2. Hi S. Christina -- I've been sleeping a lot this past week, too! But yesterday's eclipse seemed to hold some energy that is making sleep less of an issue, so my experience agrees with yours...

    After you read today's Journal, you may have answers to some of your other questions -- it sounds like in addition to the eclipse effect, Mercury retrograde has been working with you. If Sagittarius rules your 9th house, with retro Mercury in Sag, that could be the overseas connection (since the 9th house rules long distance communication).

    Thanks for your questions! I hope this helps answer them -- and I also hope that things with your family begin to get clearer as Mercury goes direct this week.