Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eclipse and Uranus and Mercury, oh my!

I suppose we should have known that this week would be memorable, between the Total Eclipse and Uranus (the "god of chaos") stationing and Mercury retrograde... But forewarning doesn't always equip us, although it may help a bit in understanding and tolerance.

So, if things feel scattered and you are feeling ungrounded and like you're juggling life with no platform beneath you, you're not alone!

Remembering to breathe is good. And, I was fortunate enough to have an acupuncture treatment today that worked on the "extraordinary" channels, which has helped immensely in bringing me back into balance.

There's a great project at work nationwide -- acupuncture clinics that don't require insurance, and just ask for what you can pay within a range of $15-$45 (at least that's the price here in the Seattle area). They work much like acupuncture clinics in China, with several chairs/tables in a single room, and you remain entirely clothed (except for taking off shoes and socks and rolling up sleeves...).

If you're interested, try googling "community acupuncture clinic" in your area and see what you find!

And take good care and gets lots of sleep for the rest of the week...


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