Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Synchronicity and Shakespeare

An interesting coincidence to share...

If you read this week's NorthPoint Journal, you know that I began with a quote from Shakespeare's King Richard III, the play that begins with the words "Now is the winter of our discontent..."

The synchronicity revealed itself today, when I opened my Yahoo email account, and saw a teaser headline about a "medieval church discovered beneath a parking lot." That got my attention, so I clicked.

The news story began, "The hunt for King Richard III's grave is heating up, with archaeologists announcing Sept. 5 that they have located the church where the king was buried in 1485."

Having written the journal on Sunday the 2nd, I could not have read that announcement somewhere and had it trigger my use of the quote from the play. And, to be honest, although I consider myself somewhat familiar with classic literature, I am no expert on Shakespearean plays, and did not know what play the quote was from.

I had formatted the new week's issue of the journal, as I sometimes do, on Saturday night -- entering the highlighted aspects for the week and finding a suitable photo for the masthead, and hoping that my unconscious would work on the information overnight and guide me in the writing on Sunday morning. And, as I also sometimes do, I wrote a first paragraph, then turned off the computer and went to bed.

It was early the next morning (or in the middle of the night?) when the "Now is the winter of our discontent" line came tumbling into my awareness, and with it the beginning lines of the journal entry for the week. When I turned on the computer Sunday morning, I erased the paragraph I had written Saturday night, and began to write the issue using Shakespeare's quote. (I then had to Google the quote so that I knew what play it was from...)

So, to read that news article today, referencing King Richard III -- well, it got my attention, as synchronicities are meant to do. Always fun. (If you're interested in reading rest of the news article, click here.)

Hope your week is going well!


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