Thursday, September 20, 2012


The spinning sensation started sometime early this morning. I was lying in bed, awake, and suddenly became aware of vertigo. It's still going on now, some three hours or more later. It does seem tied into something going on energetically, based on how things felt during meditation a while ago. Perhaps it is the effect of the Mercury interaction with Pluto and Uranus today, which is dismantling and rewiring our logical brains in some respect.

Anyone else having similar symptoms?



  1. I would nod my head but it would probably make me fall over.

    I do get vertigo but most of this week has been more general off-balance and clumsiness. Moving slowly and deliberately is a must.

  2. I've been experiencing it off and on for several days. I just keep looking for bigger ground and it passes, but if I tune in to it, its still there...

  3. yes, I have had vertigo symptoms for the last few weeks, mostly when I am lying down...and an almost constant energetic awareness of my crown and forehead...sometimes i get these feelings around solar flares and the corresponding geomagnetic shifts...

  4. Yes. What I felt reminded me of how my head would feel when I sense the rumblings of a small earthquake. I had to look at my feet to make sure the ground was not moving. Nobody that was with seemed to take notice. I live on the east coast and this happened just before 6pm standing in the middle of Sears!

  5. I have for the past six months been getting these weird feelings like either the floor is pushing up against my feet or that I am sinking through the floor. Not quite vertigo, but definitely not earthquakes, either. I'm generally healthy so I'd love to learn if it's connected to any planets' interactions!