Sunday, March 10, 2013

Enforced Pisces week

Having spent the greater portion of this past week in bed, fighting some sort of mega bug, I can see in retrospect how my experience fits into the amplified Pisces energies we've just come through.

My Moon is in Virgo, giving me many qualities for which I am grateful -- but also providing me with a large dose of "you're only valuable when you're working" mentality. My Moon happens to be at the 12th degree of Virgo, so is being transited this year by most of the outer planets.

In particular this past week, as Venus and Mercury aligned in Pisces exactly opposite my Moon, it appears the intention was to make me take a break, even if it took the form of a lot of physical discomfort. For five days I had no brain for work, no desire to be at the computer, no energy to put into anything other than self-care.

Now that I am finally seeing light at the end of the symptoms tunnel, and have some hints that I actually will be healthy again (which always feels improbable when we're in the midst of feeling bad), I need to remember this lesson about downtime -- especially since my Moon will continue to poked and prodded throughout 2013.


  1. Hi Pam, curious thing about what you wrote, as I have Uranus at the very same spot (12th degree of Virgo) and I spent the whole week with an assignment that glued me to the computer. But on the weekend I got sick with some bug and had the exact symptoms. I hope the Aries Equinox brings me some renewed energy (it's in my 12th house) because I somehow feel like I'm paralyzed. Thank you for your posts! Sheila

  2. Wow Pam, you're telling my story of this past a tee! I've been looking at my identity wrapped up in work and service and then, when I got hit with this, I had the same experience of being completely taken over by the illness and only having momentary thoughts about how this might be linked with my over-identification with being a 'worker'. Lots of opportunity for practice here. Perhaps Venus and Mercury are doing their thing on my planetary plate. It is nice to remember I don't always feel so sick! Best you and all of us who struggle with our identities! Cathy H-M