Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flower essence support

With the rollercoaster ride we're currently on, more than ever we need to take advantage of all the energetic support that is available to us. Nature is one of our primary support systems -- we all know that just taking a walk through the woods can have a powerfully positive effect on our well-being.

For years, I've worked with various flower essences, some more to my liking than others. A few months ago, I was introduced to Green Hope Farm flower essences (based in New Hampshire), and I cannot say enough good things about them. They feel very pure (no alcohol), and I have felt their energetic support in many many ways.
If you're new to flower essences, here's an excerpt from the "What Are Flower Essences?" page of their website (
"Flower Essences are energetic tools. They offer us information of an energetic nature. We experience them energetically and use them in our energetic systems, something I also refer to as our electrical systems. Because Flower Essences offer their immense healing gifts energetically, there are none of the drawbacks of chemical medicine, yet the same healing information as chemicals can be conveyed. Our electrical systems read the data of a Flower Essence much as we might read a road map. If our electrical systems recognize that a Flower Essence offers a problem solving technique for a problem we have, our electrical systems will copy and use this electrical information to solve our problems. There is no involuntary chemical interaction that may lead to unpleasant side effects. Instead, our electrical systems use the same discerning skills they have always used to decide whether the Flower Essence is something useful or something we don’t need."
To read short descriptions of many of their flower essences, you can access a pdf at Of course, their book with lengthier descriptions is very helpful as well, and available free by sending Green Hope Farm an email. You can also use the search tool on the "Finding and Choosing a Flower Essence" page to search for specific flowers or specific issues or conditions you want to work on (

If I sound enthusiastic about this place and these products, I am! One essence I am particularly fond of is Pyrola Elliptica, for dream work. After many years of only remembering my dreams sporadically, this flower essence has opened the doors of my unconscious and brought my dream images into my awareness on a much more consistent basis.

If you feel drawn to working with these flower essences, I hope you will share your experience with me.

Blessings, Pam

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  1. Thank you Pam for sharing the support systems that help you navigate these new waters of life. The Osho Zen Tarot as well as Green Hope Farms are also tools that I have been using and I find them clear and powerful allies. Sometimes using my pendulum to choose a flower essence can be like a "mini-reading" helping bring more clarity to my experience. The support for my electrical system seems really important also right now. I bless you in all the work you do that helps bring so much clarity and wisdom to this new time. Thank you. Shanta