Saturday, September 7, 2013

The month of beginnings

I've always loved September. Maybe partly because I enjoyed school as a child, so always looked forward to starting a new year and a new class, getting new binders and paper and pencils... Maybe also because with the Sun in Virgo at this time of year, it always aligns with my natal Moon (at 11 degrees Virgo) in early September, initiating a new emotional cycle for me on a personal level.

This morning I've realized another reason for that palpable sense of "new beginning" that always pervades this ninth month of the year. Although I am not an expert in numerology by any means, I do pay attention to its symbology. And what I thought about this morning is that September always contains the purest energies of the current year, in numerological terms.

This is how I understand it: The numerological energy of the calendar year is set by the numbers in the year itself -- so 2013 is a Number 6 year (2+0+1+3=6). But, as we enter each month of the year, we have to add that month's number to the mix. So even though January 2013 was the first month of a Number 6 year, it was actually a Number 7 month. February 2013 was a Number 8 month, and so on.

Which means that we have to wait until September every year to get the purest energy of the year's intentions numerologically. September is the ninth month, so September 2013 is actually a Number 6 month, matching the energy of 2013 itself (9+2+0+1+3=15, 1+5=6).

And, here's what a numerology website says about the energy of the Number 6:
Connects above and below, reconciliation, intellectual creativity, discrimination, imagination, union, love, perfection, ability to use the imagination and the intellect combined, relatedness, taking responsibility for choices.

Just a bit more information to add to our understanding of the energies in play... And a wonderful way to think about the possibilities available to us this month!

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