Sunday, September 22, 2013

What if it all goes right?

A new friend recommended a book to me a few weeks ago. I haven't read it, but I have the title written on a piece of paper and propped against my mirror in the bathroom, so that I see it several times a day.

The title of the book is, "What If It All Goes Right?"

(I just googled those words, and found out there's a Melissa Lawson tune from 2008 with that same title. I don't know anything about that song, but I hope it has uplifting lyrics...)

I'm sharing this because of the effect I feel every time I read those words. I quickly feel the tension in my body relax, almost as if a part of me is jumping on the "What if" bandwagon -- after all, it could just as easily All Go Right, couldn't it? And isn't that an amazing thought?

So, I share this with you:

What If It All Goes Right?

Think about it. Maybe even let the energy of those words carry you for a while...


  1. Oooh, when I read those words I get a shiver down my spine, a tingling of excitement! I'm going to put it around my house too, mirror seems like a good place - everyone else in my house will see it too then. I feel my body breathe a big sigh of release, a surge of hope and expectation bubbling up inside. I'm so excited!!! Thank you Pam! xx

  2. Hi Cinthia,

    Lovely! Your experience is very much like mine. Enjoy!

    love, Pam

  3. What if it goes right? If the power of your intentions are sprung from your heart centre then it will all go right. Whatever lessons are learned along the way will simply be the ones we need. Congruence with our higher self is about attune-ment to universal consciousness. The universe is unfolding as it should.