Sunday, November 17, 2013

On comets and futures

As mentioned in today's NorthPoint Journal, we have four comets currently gracing our pre-dawn skies. Here's a collage of all four, courtesy of the Sormano Astronomical Observatory in Italy:
I also mentioned that I would write a simple visualization to use for calling in our future selves... It's wonderful that we have the comet images to guide us, since they so clearly bring a light toward us from far away.

I would start with that visual, imagining that the light of one of these comets is the aspect of your future self that you most want to integrate into your Now. It could be a part of you that has healed a wound (on any level); a part of you that understands the reasons for current events; a part of you that has released an issue or a relationship; a part of you that ________ (fill in the blank). All that matters is that you can clearly sense that the comet image is actually the light from that future self coming toward you.

When you are comfortable and ready to do so, invite that light to enter your energy field, and let it fill your aura, then your physical body, to the cellular level, and into the spaces between your cells. Call on this light to dissolve and remove all darkness and blockages that represent or hold the energy of the current challenge, that this future self has resolved or healed. And, acknowledge and invite your future self to fully integrate with you on all levels -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Sit in this light for as long as you want, and repeat this exercise as much as you want. It should feel good, and the more you do it, the more your present self can hold and integrate that energy and knowing of your future self.

I hope this is helpful!

Blessings, Pam

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I received a couple of suggestions for other "future self" meditations today:

    One was from a reader who reminded me of a meditation from sound healer Tom Kenyon. Tom included instructions for a future self meditation in his article entitled "The Sphere of All Possibilities," online at I've used several of Tom's meditations over the years and have found them very powerful.

    The other suggestion was from hypnotherapist Cynthia Chavin, who has created a meditation CD called "Become the Future You," available for sale at I'm not yet familiar with Cynthia's work, but I listened to the "free preview" audio online, and found her voice relaxing.

    Any other suggestions are welcome!