Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Question about Venus in Capricorn

I received this question in my inbox today:
I was wondering what effect Venus' entry into Capricorn would have on a person whose natal Venus IS in Capricorn (as well as my sun). Is it likely to be somewhat more emphatic for a person with that alignment, or what?
Thanks for your question!

Venus usually takes 12 months to orbit the Sun, so everyone has their "Venus Return" (when the planet returns to where it was when they were born) once a year. The Venus Return is somewhat like a Solar Return, in that it indicates that a new cycle is beginning in the areas of relationships, finances, creative outlets, etc.

And yes, when Venus is in Capricorn, people with natal Venus in Capricorn may feel more at ease with the energies, since it is familiar territory for them.

But, there is an added emphasis when Venus goes retrograde in the sign of someone's birth Venus, because they are likely to have three passes of their Venus Return, depending on the exact degrees of natal Venus and transiting Venus.

When the Venus return happens three times like this, there is a greater emphasis on reconnecting with the purposes, opportunities and challenges that accompany Venus themes in the birth chart. A lot depends on the natal aspects between Venus and other planets, as well as where Venus is located by house in your birth chart, as well as other factors, how it all plays out.

I hope that's helpful!

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  1. I'm looking forward to Pluto and Venus transiting my MC at around 19 degrees Capricorn! They have already crossed my Saturn in 0 degrees Capricorn, on the 8th house. Since Saturn is in my 6th house at the moment and has been for a long time, I have realised it is no suprise to have had a serious illness for the whole of this year. Issues of life and death have loomed large. Venus and Pluto are in my very small 9th house at present, concentrating themes of learning about other realities and messages from spirit. All this Pluto stuff is certainly a roller coaster! For good measure, Uranus has been in opposition to my natal north node conj Mars!! So the PLuto/Uranus squares have been triggering that - I have yet to work out what that means for me, other than exhaustion! Your astrology site has been a great help. Thank you.