Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meditations for Saturn and Mars retrogrades

Since working with the two  Orin meditations for a couple of weeks (See the "Guided meditations from Orin" post dated Feb 27), I've started working with two others I downloaded from their website -- and have found those two to be synchronistically aligned with the energies of our current work with two retrograde planets: Saturn and Mars.

The first meditation, entitled "Opening to a Higher Path," is perfect for working with Saturn retrograde. As Saturn travels backward, it asks us to review our highest aspirations and to create stronger alignment with those aspirations. The guided meditation focuses on opening to that higher path.

The second meditation is called "Opening to Your True Identity." In accordance with the directives of Mars retrograde, it helps us peel away the overlay of the personality/ego, gaining greater awareness of the True Self, and letting go of what does not align with that Self.

If you are interested, I highly recommend both of these meditations. The links to download them are attached to each title in the paragraphs above.


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  1. Thank you. I hope I remember to try these out. -anita