Wednesday, September 10, 2014


According to the website, there was an X-magnitude (the highest level) flare on the Sun today. These high-level explosions happen from time to time, but most times, the CME (coronal mass ejection) that's released -- which creates strong solar winds -- is not directed toward the Earth.

Today's X-flare apparently was directly facing Earth when it exploded, and so scientists anticipate we will be in the path of a strong solar wind that will reach us sometime in the next 2 to 3 days.

This is NOT (I repeat, NOT) a cataclysmic event, but since we are electromagnetic beings, we are likely to feel the effects on various levels. The primary concern for scientists is the potential for communications disturbances, since these types of events have caused blackouts periodically.

At the very least, this event will allow each of us to see how strong solar winds affect us, since we have forewarning.

The exact timing? Unknown, as yet. Here's what SpaceWeather says:
"In the next few hours, when coronagraph data from SOHO and STEREO become available, we will see if a CME emerges from the blast site. If so, the cloud would likely be aimed directly at Earth and could reach our planet in 2 to 3 days. Stay tuned..."
I'll be checking in on their website for updates -- if you're interested, here's the link: SpaceWeather

I'll post more here, too, if I find out anything of import.

Postscript, Sunday, September 14: My experience of the last few days has not been extreme in any regard -- however, I was aware of an increased nervousness/anxiety on Wednesday and Thursday, right after the X-flare exploded. That would be in keeping with the pulse of new energy that reaches us right away when a solar flare occurs. And, since then, I've been aware of my dreams being both exceptionally complex and yet also fading faster than I can bring them into full memory when I awake. Perhaps that is a symptom of the integration of new information, and a level of adjustment/adaptation that does not necessarily need to be brought fully into conscious awareness, since the work is being done on deeper levels.

The nervousness has subsided over the last two days. Anyone else have a similar experience, or a different sense of the solar flare's effects?


  1. trouble with my balance and sense of where my feet were.

  2. the level of pain in my body was most uncomfortable, which I attribute to the solar event; it's eased considerably by today.

  3. Makes me grateful my only manifestation was the nervousness! Thanks for sharing -- and I'm so glad the pain has eased. Take good care.

  4. Really interesting... so I just wrote out a sort of lengthy comment and hit "preview" and it wiped out my comment!
    I'm going to see if I want to write again. This has been happening with my email the past few days, too! I keep being logged out when I hit "send" and need to sign back in. I've gotten in the habit of copying an email just in case it happens, so I don't need to rewrite it. My drafts also didn't seem to be saving them...
    Maybe it's connected to this? I was wondering what was going on!
    PS This is totally not at all what I had written in the first comment. :) I'm copying this before I hit "preview", too.
    It happened again! Never mind preview, I will simply publish. I tried that and have no idea if it's working. Oh my!
    OK I've just switched to a different browser. Trying again...

  5. I think it all goes along with the possible effects of the solar flare -- computers are definitely electromagnetic creatures, just in a different way than we humans are. And yet, like computers, we seem to need rebooting from time to time, too...

  6. If I hadn't read this post, I wouldn't be surprised if I'd never known the connection. Interestingly, I've mostly stayed quite patient with it and worked with it, instead of getting really frustrated.
    So my first comment was more like: The idea of such a full dream only being partly remembered upon waking being because it isn't necessarily needed to be fully known in conscious awareness is a really interesting one. And I hope to recall it when this happens as it's not too uncommon for me. Sometimes I remember something from it during the day, as if it is a memory. In a sense, it is actually a memory.
    I've felt a physical tension the past few days that hasn't really gone down, even when I'm most relaxed. Maybe the flare is involved with this, too. hmm.
    Pam, I love your posts. They really complement the journal and I appreciate you putting so much out there for those who want to learn more.
    Thanks! Hope you have a great week.