Saturday, November 8, 2014

A new active sunspot

A new sunspot recently rotated around to the Earth-facing side of the Sun. This is another very large, very active spot -- since it appeared last week, there have been almost a dozen strong flares.

I've been feeling it again mostly since yesterday, my run Friday morning feeling like I was pushing my way through molasses as my legs struggled to do the usual route. After breakfast, when I got on the computer, I found out there had been an X-class flare released, so perhaps the physical effects are the result of our bodies adjusting to another wave of solar energy.

Very tired again this morning, for no obvious reason, having slept well and long last night.

How are you?



  1. Thanks for asking, Pam - not so tired as the last wave, but noticed mind functioning a bit slow, a bit lazy and sleeping eight hours straight with great dream activity :) Sheila

  2. I can relate to the extra dream activity, too! Hadn't thought about that being a part of the solar activity, but I have been more aware of my dreams for the past three or four nights. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello

    This week has been suffocatingly difficult. Wednesday was a "fear" day. My depression returned with a vengeance. The torment has been unusually intensive and prolonged. Is this related to what's happening?

  4. I can relate! Yesterday someone asked me how my week was going, and I replied that externally, it was fine, but internally it was a mess. And yes, I'm relating it to the strong Pluto-Uranus-Mars energies this week, as we bump up against old ways of perceiving reality on our way to the new.

    Take good care of yourself -- and I hope it's helpful to know you're not alone!