Sunday, October 26, 2014

And yet another...

Another solar flare just occurred, this one an M7, so almost in the X-range again. Such an active time for the Sun, and therefore a profound time for us!

Sleep well...

Postscript Monday morning, Oct 27: Another flare this morning, this one an M6. According to NOAA forecasters, potentials for more flares today are 85% for M-class and 55% for X-class.

Also Monday morning, Oct 27: Another flare, this one an X2!

Monday afternoon, Oct 27: Another flare this afternoon, M1 level.

Tuesday morning, Oct 28: Another overnight, M6.

Also Tuesday morning, Oct 28: Another M1 level. The sunspot that has been unleashing all of these explosions is about to rotate around to the other side of the Sun, so only will be with us a few more days. Plenty of time for more events!

Wednesday morning, Oct 29: Another M1 overnight.

Wednesday evening, Oct 29: Two more M-class today -- an M1 and an M2.


  1. Hi Pam could this explain the extreme tiredness I've been feeling since thursday? I felt really tired on sunday evening (gmt time) with no real reason - I had a lovely day at the beach! Many thanks :) Sheila

  2. Hi Sheila -- Yes! Between the eclipses and these solar flares, we have been dealing with a lot on energetic levels. That has effect physically as well as emotionally and mentally. For me, my brain has been in a fog, in addition to needing lots of sleep. Take good care, Pam.