Sunday, March 4, 2012

Question about the human-animal relationship

This question came as reply to one of my other posts on this site:
I'm very interested to know how all these astrological shifts are affecting the human/animal relationship in our world. As an Animal Advocate the increased awareness of animal suffering at the hands of mankind seems to be getting more publicity -- and support. Petitions are being started on a daily basis to draw attention to things -- and based on what we saw from the exposure of McDonalds poultry attrocities -- they seem to be working. Do you have any comments or insights? Thanks. 
As a vegetarian since I was 19, and now mostly vegan for the past 2 years, I very much appreciate your question!

I think astrologically we can see support for this renewed awareness of the suffering of others -- no matter what species -- from both Chiron and Neptune now being in Pisces. Pisces energy reminds us that we are all One, and so your pain becomes my pain, and vice versa.

As Chiron travels through Pisces (April 2010 through April 2018), we become more aware of the wounds in the world, and our hearts are opened in compassion and with the desire to alleviate suffering. In mythology, Chiron was a centaur -- half man, half horse -- which also reminds us of the connection between humankind and the other animals that share our planet.

And, as Neptune travels through Pisces (2011 through 2026), we become more sensitized and sensitive in many many ways. Hopefully, as a result of this high-heart opening, we also become stronger conduits of the healing power of Divine Source Energy and Love.


  1. Pam - thank you so much for your response. I knew there was a reason I have been so drawn to your writings. Not only are you a brilliant and insightful astrologer you also have a deep respect for all life. I have become very involved in various animal causes and at times it is almost unbearable and at times I just want to walk away. But I know I can't. Thank you for giving me the hope that the universe is supporting a more humane world. :)

  2. And I so respect you, both for being sensitive to the suffering and then being strong enough to be present with it while you fight for change... Thank you for your work in behalf of our blessed animal companions!

  3. Hi Pam !

    been reading and forwarding to friends your weekly horoscope for years now ;) thru Innerself site ,did not always think to check on the sunday nite and read real late some finally (don't know why it did not happen before) i subscribed on your site for your newsletter and followed the suggestion of looking at your blog and here i am..this post touched a chord as i have not consumed any animal related food in over a month now ! also went thru my different creams , etc and elimanating anything tested on animals...finishing off finally my body cream which is from a company that tested,i did not throw away the bottle i decided that waste was not responsible, everytime i applied the cream i did a HoHopono, and sent love and thanks to those animals, it's been a weird process, i never thought of this before and looked back at all the years and all the products.. although i did have do forgive myself,for all those years of not being aware of the connection that we as living beings are all one ! i love 2012 !! i am just glad that i've embarked on this new vision and new conscience and know that it all coincided with Neptune in Pisces...specially that it just effort, no discipline..i was surprised for the dairy and i loved my cheese ;) i'm maybe not very good with the diet part yet, as i am getting violent headaches often, like today! I also gave up coffee, and alcool at the same time !! the day Neptune entered Pisces.If ever you have suggestions for diet...sooo much stuff on the internet about raw and vegan..i'm a bit overwhelmed!! thanks Pam! xo

    ps I wrote to you at the end of august, don't know if you recall, i was in the Concrete area,on holiday with my son and grandchildren..glad you were near by ...