Sunday, March 4, 2012

Question about Taurus Sun, Scorpio rising

This question arrived in my inbox today:

I had a quick question I wondered if you could help me with: If I am Taurus with Scorpio rising, how can I understand what I read in both charts/horoscopes, if it seems like what is happening in one sign is happening oppositely in the other? For example, they always say I'm supposed to be having a great time when the moon is in Taurus, but honestly, those are some of the worst days -- a pattern I've noticed! Haven't noticed Scorpio moon days being fab, in exchange, either. Do you have any tips for interpreting what I read? Pay more attention to the houses? The aspects?

Astrological interpretation and prediction become much more complicated when two planets or points in our natal charts are opposing each other -- especially when they are both so central to our self concept, as the Sun and the Ascendant are!

Of course, when any transiting planet is conjunct your Sun in Taurus, it is opposing your Scorpio Ascendant, and vice versa. This means that any generalized horoscope you might read for a specific sign is likely to bring up both agreement and opposition within you.

It would be interesting to notice how you feel when the Moon is in complementary aspect to both your Ascendant and Sun -- so, when it is in Cancer (trine your Ascendant, sextile your Sun), Virgo (sextile your Ascendant, trine your Sun), Capricorn (sextile your Ascendant, trine your Sun) or Pisces (trine your Ascendant, sextile your Sun).

You can also watch how it feels when other planets are in those signs -- but, of course, their effect will also depend on the placement of other planets in your birthchart, especially the Moon. Like many (or most) of us, you have a complicated chart, one that can't be easily contained in a "one size fits all" horoscope.

As for which general horoscope to read, I think you'll always find both the Taurus and Scorpio predictions a bit "off" from your experience!

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  1. Oh, that's great; I am definitely going to start paying attention to those complementary signs. Thank you for this!