Friday, June 15, 2012

Incoming CMEs posted this entry this morning:
INCOMING CMES: On June 14th, for the second day in a row, sunspot AR1504 erupted and hurled a CME toward Earth. The fast-moving (1360 km/s) cloud is expected to sweep up a previous CME and deliver a combined blow to Earth's magnetic field on June 16th around 10:16 UT.
CMEs are waves of energy that are released by the Sun -- when they are directed toward Earth, we usually experience aurora borealis, and fluctuations in other energy fields on the planet -- including our own! And, it looks like we'll be getting the effects of two waves at the same time late tonight and into tomorrow.

So, if we feel a bit unsteady on our feet, at least we have a reason. We'll be in the midst of integrating and adapting to another wave of high-vibrational energy and information, on various levels of our beings.

Surf's up!

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