Friday, June 29, 2012


This in-between-worlds feeling has been with us for a few days now. A friend of mine wrote last night that it feels like we have been "unplugged from one matrix or power source and not plugged into a new one yet."

Whether you call it being in "limbo" or "the void," it's at least helpful to know others are feeling it, too! And that it's a positive indicator of the leaps forward we're making, and that we'll soon be entering a(nother) new phase ...

Relax, breathe, and enjoy the space in between...

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  1. Its funny your friend talked about the "matrix" for I have been thinking about the movie "The Matrix" in which Neo (Keanu Reeves) unplugs from the grid of the older oppressive matrix and latches onto a whole new one - a more liberating one that is more in alignment with what our forefathers had in mind when they wrote the Declaration of Independence.