Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sweet cravings and aimlessness

I've been wondering why, with Pluto and Uranus being so energized right now, I've been feeling rather aimless today. Having finished the Journal early in the day, I've found it very hard to feel inspired to do anything of a practical nature -- even though there's plenty, as always, that could be done.

Then I realized that I might be feeling the effects of the Neptune-Jupiter square, exact on Monday (tomorrow). There's a certain fogginess that accompanies any Neptune transit, and at least a little laziness often associated with Jupiter. Voila!

Plus, the two planets together could also be to blame for the amplified sweet tooth I'm experiencing this afternoon and evening. Sweets are one of those ways we treat ourselves when we want to feel good or escape reality for a while (Neptune) and there's less discipline when Jupiter is involved.

Good thing Saturn is also strong right now, being stationary. Otherwise, I might very well be in line at See's Candies...


  1. If See's Candy would have been open...instead, I am having a frappucino with extra caramel drizzle. It's been months since I've had one and this evening there was no question, had to have one.

    The last two weeks have been fairly awful, today it felt like something moved off of me. Much better now. May that stick around for awhile!

  2. The moon is very close to Mars today. I'm wondering if that could be the cause. It will also make a nice pairing in the sky tonight if the sky is clear. Do take a look. In doing so that might elevate your spirits.

    Oh and by the way I'm not an astrologer, more of an Astronomer, but with a spiritual side.

  3. Sweet tooth cravings indeed! At least I know it's not just me then :)

    rosa, the last week or so has been a toughie for many people too, hang on in there, we're riding this one together :)
    with much Love & Light