Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Just be Awake with poise."

I received an email from a reader of last week's journal, asking a question about the eclipse and how it was working with her chart. Midway through her note, she wrote:
"I re-read the journal while writing this, and am reflecting on The Owl, and becoming more conscious of the unconscious with poise.... and am wondering if I haven't answered my own question :) ... 'Just be Awake with poise.'"
I think this was a mantra we can all use right now. Many lived through literal tornadoes last week, others experienced figurative tornadoes that were less materially devastating, but still changed the landscape of their lives in significant ways.

It may be a bit of a tall order, this "just be Awake with poise" -- but remembering those words does seem to help bring us back into center a bit.

Blessings to each and all,


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