Friday, March 11, 2011

Dramatic beginnings

As we sit on the Pacific coast of the North American continent, grateful that the tsunami seems to be only gently affecting our shores, we also feel great heart connection to the people in Japan who are, at this very moment, dealing with so much devastation.

The unseen (but clearly sensed) energies have been in crescendo for about a week now, this morning feeling even more powerful. Obviously, Gaia has also been feeling this increase, and is going through a major release of those pent-up energies.

A dramatic beginning to our seven years of Uranus in Aries, and an indicator of the levels of change that we, as Earth-dwellers, have agreed to participate in.

How do we assist the process? Certainly it does no good to be in fear.

We can start by consciously opening our heart and high heart centers, connecting in compassion to others of our human family who are dealing directly with the physical manfestations of these energy shifts. This benefits both others and ourselves, for we cannot hold both compassion and fear at the same time.

We can also do our own release work as needed, filling those places that are then opened within us with sparkling light. And, we can extend that light down through our feet, into the heart of our planet, to stabilize our connection with Mother Earth and to assist in bringing greater grace and ease to this ascension process.


  1. Before I even turned on my computer this morning as I drove to my daughter's pre-school I was thinking about Japan this morning "out of the blue". So when I got to work and saw the news it was a "sudden insight" of my tuning in once again through spirit. Said a prayer for all in Japan affected by today's events. Sarrah

  2. Pam, I recieve postings from Yesterday's posting stated that the Solar Cycle 24 is heating up. A coronal mass ejection hit earth on March 10th as a G1-class geomagnetic storm, do you have any way of telling from an astrological stand point if this storm affected the huge earthquake in Japan? Interesting natural events are happening on planet earth and I wonder how they are related to each other or if they can be predicted by specialist in certain astrological field. Thanks for your input, Daileen

  3. Hi Daileen -- I monitor the website, too, so I know what you're referring to. It's definitely true that the solar winds that reach Earth bring heightened energies to us and impact our magnetic fields. As humans, we can find our thoughts and emotions, and even our physical beings, affected by the increased energies -- so it seems highly possible that Gaia is also affected on many levels.

    Can we relate yesterday's geomagnetic storm to the earthquake in Japan? Perhaps. Astrologically speaking, the energetic shift of Uranus moving into Aries today would certainly correspond symbolically with a sudden event such as this.

    I know that we go through solar maximums periodically, and experience significant geomagnetic storms during those times, but I don't know if they've been connected with earthquakes.

    Does anyone else have knowledge to share in this area?