Friday, March 11, 2011

Red Ray

Two nights this past week, I have awakened with "Red Ray" in my consciousness. While I could make some guesses about what that meant, I decided to google those words to see what I could find online. Here is one description I found:
You now move into the Red Ray of Completion. The contemplation of your life and its spiritual meaning have shown you what you can no longer do what you have been doing, and still be true to who you are and what you have come to do, even though the specifics of your purpose may not be clear to you yet. Red is also the Ray of Action, and so you will be taking steps to complete and change certain aspects of your life.
This is very appropriate information for me right now -- and perhaps for many of us, as we take the initiation of Uranus in Aries. Perhaps we may call on the energy of the Red Ray to assist us as we go forward.

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