Sunday, March 13, 2011

Links for today's Journal

I have learned not to put too many live links into my weekly NorthPoint Journal -- it does interfere with delivery at times!

So, here are the links to two websites I referenced:

USGS Earthquake Hazards

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  1. have you heard of mitch battros?
    He believes that there is a link between solar flares and extreme weather.
    thanks for your interesting post.

  2. Hi Julie -- Thank you for sharing this information! I had not heard of Mitch Battros before yesterday, but you are now the third person to write to me about him. Thank you!

  3. Hi Pam - we hear a lot about which planets are connected with which elements and weather conditions but what about nuclear energy? Is that a Uranium/Uranus connection and tied to the Aries energy? Thanks for your insights!


  4. Thanks for your question, Pauline.

    Astrologically, Pluto is the ruler of nuclear energy, whereas Uranus rules unexpected events like explosions. What we may already be working with is the energy of the Pluto-Uranus square that is just starting to be in effect now.

    Stay tuned...

  5. I'd never thought about Plutonium and Uranium in the context of the planets before. I believe they were/are combined to make bombs - and now we have the Pluto/Uranus square coming up. Really hope that doesn't bode more explosions. I will definitely be staying tuned - thanks for your great blog and weekly update!!