Friday, August 19, 2011

At the e-gym

Every day this week has felt like being in a different room at the e-gym -- with the "e" standing for emotional instead of electronic.

Mars in Cancer has been (and continues to be) our personal trainer at this particular gym, putting us to work at different types of exercise equipment and telling us how many reps to do. This past week, Mars has crossed over the degree of the July 1 Solar Eclipse of this year and brought issues raised by that eclipse back into our awareness in some form. Also this week, and during the next four weeks, Mars is triggering all the eclipse degrees from the past two years, the length of time that the Capricorn-Cancer polarity eclipses were in effect. We'll have to wait and see if the remaining Mars transits of the eclipse degrees continues to be as strong as they have been this week.

One earmark of Mars in Cancer has been the reminder of issues and emotions from the past -- the long-ago past from the present life, and even further back into our history of lifetimes. I've seen events occur in my own life and in the lives of some close friends this week that successfully dredged up emotions thought long-resolved, or at least from long enough ago not to be active any more. This effect is no doubt also exaggerated by the fact that Mercury is retrograde (moving backward), also focusing our attention on the past.

These events are allowing us to peel away deeper layers of the emotions that are arising, to see them from a different perspective now than we might have when they originally came forth. As uncomfortable as it might be, it is a time to feel these emotions and to let them drain us -- and then to let them drain away into the Earth for Gaia to transform and utilize as pure energy.

One more facet of the karmic completion that our recent eclipses have initiated...

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