Sunday, August 14, 2011

Response from Texas

Received today from a reader in Texas:

Hey Pam,

We always so much enjoy and appreciate your journal. Thanks again. A slight reprieve sounds good, doesn't it!

When my niece was very young and on a multiple-hour trip with my parents, her comment was, "How old will I be when we get there?" It's one of our favorite family sayings and I couldn't help but think about it and giggle when I read your first paragraph this week. I must confess that this summer has put me in that frame of mind more than once.

Hhmm...a psuedo-summer...down here in north Texas we have had a whopper of a full-fledged, all out scorcher! ;-)

Once again, thanks,


Perfect! Now I know I will start to wonder "How old will I be when we get there?" too! Thanks for sharing.

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  1. Here's to the anonymous commentator regarding their "blimpy" weight ride:

    I have been experiencing the blimpy effect as well. It happens when our spiritual software is upgrading in a super-accelerated way. A lot of kundalini awakening :)