Monday, August 8, 2011

Riding the rollercoaster

Perhaps it's the Mars-Uranus-Pluto energy already making itself known, or maybe we're still working with the electromagnetic shifts that came in with the recent solar winds -- but my oh my, it's been quite a rollercoaster ride today. Emotional extremes, odd dreams, miscommunications (that one may be from the Neptune-Mercury opposition)... it's been quite a mix. And, I'm guessing the next couple of days will be more of same.

We're breaking apart the physical, emotional and mental structures that no longer serve us, which means there's positive intention in all this. But it gets a bit bumpy when either we're too attached to how things have been or we let uncertainty about unknowns become anxiety or fear. Centering in on the high-heart area helps -- our heart-brain knows that all really is well, even when our head-brain is sure the sky is falling.


  1. I've been trying to keep a low profile but forget it. This thing is ON.

    Pam, I've never heard the term "high heart area."

    Could you explain please?

  2. Hi Ava,

    Thanks for asking! The "high heart area" refers to the thymus gland chakra, which is our connection to the Divine. If you Google "thymus chakra" or "high heart chakra," you can find a lot of information online -- here's one quote I just found: "The High Heart is the gateway to peace, wisdom and finally to enlightenment, the complete and total acceptance of all that is, and leads to the understanding of the Divine Order."

    All in all, a great place to place our attention, especially right now!

  3. This is wonderful, Pam. Hard to put into words my overall first experiences. But it felt good right away. It didn't hold a grudge about all the years going from heart straight to throat. Green to blue...but mix in some teal, aqua, in between and what a difference. This may be the missing piece to get rid of my shoulder and neck woes. Lovely calm.

    Is it time to start going into the other less talked of chakras? I know there are more, hands and feet for instance.

  4. Hi Ava,

    Thanks for sharing your experience...

    I think all kinds of "new" worlds are opening up, or at least becoming known for the first time -- pretty exciting times!