Saturday, August 20, 2011

Comets and cataclysms

I've received several emails from readers over the past couple of months, wondering about the comet Elenin and my thoughts on the subject. Here's my reply to Anne, who asked a similar question in her comment to the post entitled "Mars crossing the July 1 eclipse degree" below:

About Elenin -- I do not have the sense that this comet's arrival is a major cataclysmic event, as some have predicted. It is true that when comets come into closer range of Earth's energy field, they bring new information into our collective awareness. That part resonates with me, and it will be interesting to watch and sense what comes through with this particular comet.

As to whether Elenin is "planet X or Niburu," that interpretation confuses me a bit, since Elenin is a comet, not a planet. For someone who knows more about Niburu than I do, perhaps that will sound like a naive statement! But I come from a very practical stance when I interpret astrology, and that's my initial thought.

I think we are all aware on some level -- some of us more consciously -- of the big shift we humans are going through. Astrologically, it corresponds with the Pluto-Uranus square, which will be working with us for the next five years. Life is changing, society is changing, each of us is shifting in ways we may only have begun to conceive. It is an exciting time, and a rollercoaster ride at times. And there will be weeks when the shift feels more monumental, as we've seen with the eclipses this summer.

But, again, my practical nature (Taurus Sun, Taurus Mercury) does not believe that there will be that one specific moment when Everything Changes. I believe our enlightenment/ascension is a process, not an event. I think it is human nature to want The Day to arrive, just as we want The Relationship or The Job to come into our lives. And certainly we can have wonderful things happen, events that change who we are, or enhance our lives in powerful ways. But those types of events build on who we are and ask us to Become More -- they are not about the end of the world as we know it, whether that ending be by cataclysm or by revelation.

"Building on who we are and Becoming More" is what I think our human experience on planet Earth is all about -- and it is also at the core of our growth process as spiritual beings, growth that continues beyond this lifetime and beyond this dimension. We will never reach a final destination because we will always keep growing and changing, even when we are returned to spirit. That is why we choose, again and again, to reincarnate -- whether on the Earth plane or in some other dimensional existence. We want to keep growing and learning and experiencing. That desire is at the core of our spiritual nature.

Perhaps as Elenin passes by in September, we will have greater access to the new information and insights needed for that next step -- or leap! -- in Becoming More. Then we have the end of the Mayan Calendar (according to Carl Calleman's calculations) on October 28, and in November we have the 11:11:11 date. All of these timeframes have been energetically loaded with the expectations and hopes (and fears) of thousands if not millions of people.

Looking at the planets that are commonly used in mundane astrology, the next major universal event is the pair of eclipses in November/December -- with some other planetary interactions, lunations and direction changes occurring between now and then to keep us moving forward, and to keep me writing the Journal on Sundays!

And, of course, each of us individually may be dealing with personal transits that affect our lives and keep us growing and changing, especially around the times when the outer planets change direction (Pluto in September, Neptune in November, and Uranus in December).

But this fall may indeed be another powerful time, based at least in part on the expectations of mass consciousness. I've heard that our guides can take advantage of these expectations, to help focus their own energies as they assist us in our process of Becoming More. "Whenever two or more are gathered" works in all dimensions, and between dimensions as well...

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