Monday, September 26, 2011

A comment on the aurora photo

I received this email from a reader after sending out this week's Journal:
Good morning Pam,
I wanted to comment on the photo of the Aurora Borealis from Finland. I see the real message in that tree top. It looks like the top of an old pine. Probably Hemlock. It struggled many years in a harsh environment as evidenced by the bare trunk. However, it exhibits new growth and a healthy state over the past few years. Our environment has gotten healthier also in recent years. The energies are shifting to a more livable state for Light Workers. Less obstructions, assist with our work, and more equitable justice. The world is becoming a better place to live and grow. Thank you for your part in it all.
I love this interpretation! And I will include the aurora photo again below -- it's worth seeing again, especially keeping this comment in mind.

Thank you!

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