Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quincunx soup

What a week it's been, eh? A lot of jagged edges to work around with all these quincunx aspects going on, but a lot of nice things happening, too.

We're rather programmed, as a human species, to focus on the negative. For some reason, we get a lot of attention by telling our horror stories, sometimes more than what we get when we share a positive event. And it also seems like our minds often have a tendency to go to the lowest-vibrational path, so we get caught up in worry and anxiety or even fear.

If we can, even for just a moment, focus on something we are grateful for, this can be enough to distract the mind from its worry-road. Gratitude opens the heart, and that automatically short-circuits the negative emotions.

This is a good week to practice this technique, since the quincunx is meant to initiate an attitude adjustment that will allow a better outcome to occur. So the next time a jagged edge comes into view, try to shift that negative emotional energy through a shift in your focus, even if just for a moment.

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