Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Correction to this week's Journal

Yikes! Thanks to a watchful Virgo reader, I've realized that when I referenced 15 years for a transit of Neptune in this week's Journal, I was thinking about how long Neptune was in a sign, not how long it took for the planet to transit the zodiac.

Neptune actually takes about 165 years to go through the entire zodiac, about 15 years per sign.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks to the reader who caught the error.


  1. Pam,

    Regarding the "Pluto Stations Direct" effect, I want to post the following blurb by Suzi Dronzek:

    As Pluto stations, she will gradually begin her forward direction, which increases a need for a deep goodbye and emotional release. This is our way to make peace with ourselves, by discharging all that we have been wrongfully digesting over the past months (emotionally, mentally, physically). Flushing this away with a good internal cleanse, provides a chance for closure as well as healing. Some of may have already took charge and did the work to gain our inner power back. The important thing is that we have come face to face with the real culprit that has constipated our movement, so we are to finally exhale (good and hard) to squeeze that nasty beast out. This could literally be a physical shift, or it may be a massive kill to our normal mental outlook or emotional being… to lighten our load for a new existence in life.

    “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” Richard Bach

    On a personal note, I have spent the last 4 days cleaning out closets, email accounts, finances etc. In short a massive review and restructuring of everything I own. With each day, my mind kept getting lighter. Detox!


  2. In this week's journal, you state that Pluto went retrograde "early last April". By saying that aren't you implying that it went retrograde in April of 2010. My personal notes state otherwise: April 9th - Sept 16 of 2011.

    TrueBlue :)

  3. Hi TrueBlue -- Yes, I was referring to April 2011 when I wrote "early last April" in the Journal ...