Sunday, September 11, 2011

This week's solar flares

There was a flurry of activity on the Sun this week -- two X-class solar flares (the highest designation) and some M-class (the middle designation) as well. This means that extra waves of solar energy were directed our way, and have been creating auroras for the past couples of days as they interact with the Earth's energy field.

Auroras are always a beautiful sight, and seeing them reminds us of the many ways we receive energy from our Sun -- not only through heat and light, but through invisible solar winds that only become visible when they reach Earth's atmosphere. We are all aware of the effect of the Sun's warmth and light on our well-being, but how many of us look beyond the beauty of the auroras to see and know the full impact of those solar winds?

There is still confusion and mystery surrounding the power outages in the southwest region of the U.S. that occurred on Thursday. The interesting thing is that these widespread outages occurred around the time the energy from the X- and M-class solar flares would have been reaching the Earth. We know that energy affects energy -- would it be inconceivable that the two are connected?

And what about the effects of these pulses of solar energy on each of us? We are also made of energy, and so are equally affected by the solar winds. We may not visibly glow in the same way the Earth's atmosphere glows, but the effect must be there nonetheless.

How have your emotions and mental state been these past few days? Have you noticed anything different since Wednesday/Thursday? Perhaps an exaggeration of issues? Or, maybe that high-vibrational energy has brought through new solutions for issues in your life?

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  1. Pam,

    Yes, there has been an exaggeration of issues but also a budding of nascent solutions for these issues. I feel that Mercury going direct yesterday, freed our minds from the backward pull that a Mercury Retrograde often exerts.

    As for the power outage in the Southwest coinciding with the arrival of the solar waves. Well, that won't be the first time I have witnessed this correlation. Back in July there was a huge coronal mass that was injected at the earth from the sun and on the day it arrived, there was a power outage.

    My spiritual software is still rebooting. I can feel my senses waking up, with a more pronounced alertness and clarity than before.