Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weight gains

I've heard complaints from a lot of people recently about having put on extra weight. And yes, while this tends to happen for many as we grow older, especially women as they go through menopause, there are also other reasons.

I find that when the energies are heightened, my body's response is to want to eat. This was abundantly clear to me yesterday, as I was sitting with two friends who are also channelers. We were throwing cards, and in response to one question, the woman who was throwing the cards suddenly stopped and said, wow, do you feel that? The other woman agreed that the energies around us had just shifted as some high-level guides had just stepped in.

And what was I aware of? A sudden urge to eat. My body's effort to stay grounded in the presence of such high frequencies.

Oh, well. At least, it's good to have confirmation of what I've already been sensing.


  1. Dear Pam,

    After meticulously losing 25 pounds this year and 20 more to go, I was starting to despair given my recent food binges. I have always known that channeling makes one hungry but I was also tired of being overweight and a bit worried that I would regain the pounds I had so painstakingly shed. This is a fear that I hope to release by the end of this year.

    Your blog and journal (Pluto's influence throughout September) made me realize just now that it really is a fear I am grappling with as opposed to a premonition. All of a sudden I am no longer so worried!


  2. Thank You Pam, for this very 'weighty' confirmation...yes, pun intended, lol!

    I've found this to be extremely true!

  3. I signed on to see if anyone else was feeling intense energies the past 2 days... (although the hunger has been with me for over a week too)... but wow... I Am going up and down this roller coaster. Really feeling out of it. Huge dips of sadness and lethargy, to huge waves of passion, expectation and trust...then back down I go. what the hey?!

  4. Yes to the intense energies! Tonight I've burst into tears a few times for no apparent reason... Thanks for writing and corroborating the experience!

  5. Thank for that Pam, I've been concerned about how hungry I am all the time at the moment, have to control myself or I would eat all day.
    I've been having to deal with lots of core issues and shifting a lot of old stuff due to certain circumstances so I guess the same energies are sharpening my intuition and my appetite.
    That's a relief, at least if I know where it's coming from I can resist it more easily.